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Oct 19, 2011
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Have a look at these websites for some great ideas for toys for VI or sensory impairments:


Disabled Living Foundation - a new site for help in all areas from toys to children's needs, funding, grants, equipment....

Jul 31, 2010
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Yes I am finally getting there...abandoned the cleaning, shut the door on life and aim to write a few helpful hints.

So we found toys that were useful to Ella were those with lights and music. A particularly good brand which she loved was 'Bruin' which can be bought in Toys R Us. They are very brightly coloured and have a good range of musical melodies and ineraction for children. She still now plays with a keyboard we got and a baby walker that has a shape sorter on the front.

Ella also loved anything that she could hold to her ear - little phoens that had melodies, and a particular favourite was the 'Mypod' by Chad Valley which unfortunately is no longer made. We have one left on it's last legs but I think next it will be an MP3 player!

Jun 23, 2010
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One of the hardest things to comprehend with a child with visual impairment if you yourself can see perfectly, is what toys will they like or need!

We would suggest you contact Aniridia Network UK as they are specialists in this field and have lots of resources available and answer all questions!

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